Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Thank you Mom!!

Thank you Mom!
I passed on a Singer sewing table at the Goodwill a couple years ago while shopping on my lunch hour, and immediately regretted my decision. I went back right after work, expecting it to be gone, and it was. So, since then I have had my eye open for one, I have found a few, but not for the 19.99 that the Goodwill had it priced for, ug, kicking myself. I planned to make a pallet table top and use it as an "island" in my kitchen, so when my mom found another sewing table that she fell in love with at an Antique store in WI, she offered me the one she had. Exactly the one I was looking for. But no replacing this one with a pallet table top. I will leave it just as it is, because it is perfect!
Daisy must think so as well, her new favorite spot is laying directly underneath it.
Perfect height, perfect size. I love how it looks in my kitchen.

It holds all my crocks, not just for my big ones with my kitchen utensils, but it also fits my little crocks with my crazy flatware collection. I love it!
So a big thank you to my Mom! I hope you enjoy your new sewing table as much as I will enjoy your old one!
Hope you are having a great week!

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