Saturday, January 23, 2016

A blizzard in south town.....

We interrupt our regularly scheduled blog post to report that there has been a blizzard in South Town!

Last year it was an epic ice storm, this year it was an epic blizzard!
 Per usual, I was watching the weather all week, waiting to see if we would actually get snow and not ice or just rain. So I was ready for it, the pantry stocked and the fridge full. We got a little taste on Wednesday with slush and a bit of snow. Friday we were expecting the storm to hit us around noon or so. I figured I would go to work and they would shut us down around 12:00 before the storm hit. Well, the storm decided to hit around 6:00 am, so I never had to leave the house! No complaints here!
And we got snow, boy oh boy did we get snow!

 Almost eight inches in Nashville before all was said and done!

I like the snow, but, not so much that I want it to stick around for awhile. Nice thing about the South, in a couple days it will all be gone!

I think the birdies that lived in this house all summer flew further South for the Winter.  But the Cardinals always stick around and don't they look gorgeous in the snow?
We had eight Cardinals at one point pecking away at the seed bell. I love Cardinals almost as much as I love my Goldfinches and Blue Birds!

Their bright red feathers are so beautiful next to the snow.

Bruno loves the snow, but this was a little bit more than he had experienced in the past, He was so funny prancing through the deep drifts.

Greater Nashville area reported eight inches of snow, I could only find piles six inches high.

So much snow they actually cancelled the Nashville flea market. Good for me, it removed the temptation to venture out. All this snow and slippery roads made it even easier to "live like a Hobbit" I have not left the house since Thursday, but the need for some odds and ends at the grocery store for next week may force me to run out briefly tomorrow, but, then again, maybe not. I only need stuff for the kids lunches and I suspect they may cancel school again on Monday, easy to talk myself out of leaving the house and just hitting the grocery on the way home from work on Monday instead.
Back to hammering away on some sweet sentiment spoons to bring to Creative Village for Valentines day, and I may even throw a small flower arrangement together as well, I have a fun idea that I am excited to give a try!
Hope you have a great week, Keep warm!

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