Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Just some cool stuff....

 I have been shopping for flatware to hammer out. As much as I would like to find most of my stock at the flea market or thrift shops, I have to admit, I find the best selection (and prices) on Ebay. It does get pretty cut throat with bidding wars on the large flatware lots, and because I am very strict with myself on budget, I bid a lot, but win very little. I did manage to score a couple lots this week and I got the first delivery today. As usual, there were some cool stuff in the mix.
I suspect a lot of these silverware lots are sold by dealers that have already sifted through and picked out what they wanted, but I still always seem to find some cool stuff that I end up keeping.
This time was no exception!
These spoons are TINY! The one on the right is clearly marked "Italy" The other one is almost impossible to read it is so small. They are fun and I will keep them just for the novelty. But they are handy size for Caviar.
This one just cracked me up, M'm good Campbell soup spoon. Too cute!

A Norway souvenir spoon and a Michigan souvenir spoon were included in the mix. I thought these were especially cool because not only am I part Norwegian, but I have a lot of family in upper Michigan!. Cool spoons, they are definitely here to stay.

So cool!

The back of the Norway spoon.

But no worries, most are going under the hammer!
I am heading out to Creative Village on Saturday to drop off some sweet Valentines day sentiment spoons and take inventory. I had really great sales in November and December so I suspect I will be hammering a lot to replenish my stock at the shop, but I also promised myself to have a lot of stock on hand so I can participate in more of the craft shows in my area this year. After hurting my shoulder last summer, I  was pretty short on stock by the fall and had to pass on three different shows, I was pretty bummed, so I don't want to find myself short on stock and unable to participate again this year. That means making more flowers as well! I would love to have some arrangements for the booth.
Since I have to actually leave my house on Saturday, my very last "live like a Hobbit" weekend, because I need to run into Creative Village. I decided to reward myself with a trip to my favorite indoor flea market as well. Usually it is pretty slim pickings this time of year, but I am keeping my fingers crossed that I can find a couple treasures!
Wish me luck! Have a great week!

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