Saturday, January 9, 2016

Two does not a collection make....

I have no intention of becoming a collector of Enid Collins box bags, I mean, I like them yes, but I do not intend to collect. Although, I did end up finding another one I just had to have.
In the weeks before Christmas I was searching Ebay looking for a cream and sugar set to go with my Mothers English Botanic set. I had been looking on and off since last Christmas and had been striking out, no worries, I got lucky and found one for a good price at the last minute, a real Christmas shopping miracle. Since I was shopping around I decided to pop in and see if I could find a box bag like the one I have. I like to see what the prices are doing and if they are selling and darn it all anyway if I did not see another one I liked.
Birds...they are a weakness for me....especially owls. Maybe it is because I am a 70's kid and they were very popular then, but, I have always loved owls.

So cute! Who could blame me for bidding on these sweet babies!
I did not get the bargain price that I did on my first bag, but it was not too bad. I decided it would be a Christmas present to myself with some of the Creative Village money I earned in December (oh and by the way, I made a killing in December) it also did not hurt that I was the only bidder, no one to run the price up, if they had, I would have passed on it.

Look at those eyes! Love them!
And they do make a nice pair right? The owl box now holds my essential oil supplies, empty roller balls, vapor sticks, funnels and droppers, so it IS useful.

One justification a day right?
I still don't plan to make these into a collection, unless of course I stumble across another bargain I just cannot pass up. They do have a couple more designs out there that are to die for, and one can always find a use for another box right? Especially a cute one.
Anyway, never say never. 
I have been doing a bit of Ebay shopping lately and have scored pretty big. It seems like the weeks right around Christmas people are not Ebay shopping and there is not a lot of competition so with a little luck you can pick up a few things at decent prices, not flea market prices for sure, but not Antique store prices either.
We are now in weekend two of "live like a Hobbit January" loving every minute of it. I hope you are having a wonderful weekend as well!

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