Sunday, January 17, 2016


One of the nice things about the dead of winter is I have no guilt about spending some time during the week or on a Saturday afternoon kicked back under a blanket with my iPad surfing eBay. Seems like around the holidays and for some reason during the dead middle of the summer I tend to score my best bargains.
Cause lets be honest, eBay is seldom as cheap as the flea market. But, when it is too cold to hit the outdoor flea market, and I am too lazy to leave the house to hit the local Antique stores (which are often just as expensive as shopping on eBay) I am willing to pay a little extra for my treasures.
And who does not like getting packages in the mail right?
So I have been spending some time surfing eBay, and with some Christmas money burning a hole in my pocket I decided to see if I could score a few things that I very seldom come across in my usual flea market adventures.
And I think I have been pretty lucky!
I scored a nice set of Fire King Honeysuckle dinner plates, lunch plates and berry bowls. Last year I was lucky to find one soup bowl and a cream and sugar set in this pattern at my favorite indoor flea market, I had never seen this pattern in my area before, and I have yet to see it since. So I did not feel bad buying it online. And I got lucky, they were low priced, I was the only bidder and the seller was charging actual shipping cost, not just padding their profits, so I was pleased.

Such a pretty spring inspired pattern!

I just love this pattern! Next on the list will be a couple platters and serving bowls. Complete set! Love it! Humm, maybe my new Easter dishes?

I also found this beautiful vintage tablecloth, I thought it would look fantastic with the Honeysuckle dishes, but, it is far more pink than I thought. But I just loved this tablecloth and I decided it would look fantastic with my milk glass lunch set. At 14.00 this was a real steal for a vintage mint condition tablecloth. Very happy with this find. I may not bother with a tablecloth to go with the Honeysuckle dishes, I love how they look on the dark wood of my kitchen table.
New dishes, gives my daughter and I an excuse to have a "Ladies Only" lunch soon!
And I as I was looking for tablecloths, I ran across these fantastic vintage dishtowels. So very Eames Mad Men cool. I already have a tablecloth just like them so they were a no brainer for me. Five very large, excellent condition dishtowels for 14.99 including shipping? Maybe a little pricy, but again, nothing I see out in my neck of the woods so the price worked for me.

I think they are so funky retro fun! 
And last but not least, my yummie new vintage Chenille blanket!

Dang these things are hard to score online for a reasonable price and hard to find at flea markets in good shape and at good prices. I see a lot more at very reasonable prices up North, but I don't feel like I see as many here. In the 15 years that I have been collecting vintage Chenille, I have only purchased three at flea markets. Two were excellent condition at super bargain price. The third was more expensive, but started to fall apart the first time I washed it. Ug I was sick. I have a very strict budget on buying vintage Chenille, it used to be 30.00, 35.00 tops. Well I have had to nudge that budget up a bit, but I easily scored this blanket for 32.00 including shipping. NO complaints here. I just got lucky. Excellent condition, no holes, missing Chenille or stains and it washed up perfectly. I think someone's sweet Grannie must have had this tucked in the back of a linen closet. I am loving it! Nice heavy weight, perfect for the cold nights we have been having lately.


Weekend three of living like a Hobbit, and I am blissfully content, although I did have to break my rule and venture out briefly on Saturday morning to run an errand with my son and spend my 20.00 in JC Penney cash before it expired. Reason enough to step outside during my Hobbit month. Anyway, Hobbits DO like adventures once in a while, and I got fresh French bread from Panera and pretty flowers while I was out,  a trip worth putting mascara on for. 
I may have to have two weekends of adventure, The Nashville flea market is next weekend, I typically do not hit the January market, but if the weather is nice, I may consider giving it a try. But with snow in the forecast this week, the chances are pretty slim. Chances are much better that I will stay inside and continue my January hibernation.
Hope you have had a wonderful weekend!

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  1. I LOVE LOVE those dish towels - I must look for some of them!!