Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Meat and Bread.....

My husband was a bit puzzled when he got a food dehydrator for Christmas. He had forgotten all about  looking into making his own beef jerky. So when we did our New Years eve shopping spree he picked up some seasoning for beef jerky at Bass Pro and we decided to give jerky making a try this weekend.
Oh my worth it and he is very happy with his Christmas present. Now, I should mention that we are all big summer sausage and beef jerky fans in this house. I love good locally made jerky from the farmers market in WI and this was as close to it is as I have ever tasted. And easy to make? Very.
A nice lean London Broil, marinated and sliced nice and thin.
A little over four hours later it was done.

We were quite impressed with ourselves, it was really good. So good in fact, it was all gone by the end of the day, oh yes, we will be making it again very soon!
And when the jerky was "cooking" I decided to make some more magic bead.
Meat and bread. Yes, we are all Hobbits here.

This recipe makes me feel like the accomplished baker that I am not!

Sooo good!

Well, I don't think the Flea market is an adventure for me this weekend. Because currently the greater Nashville area has a bad case of snow storm fever!

We got a little taste of winter today, in my part of town really just slush, enough to cause our offices to open a couple hours late, but the real excitement is coming on Friday and into Saturday when they are forecasting up to five inches of the white stuff....omg...five inches of snow in Nashville? Well that is practically a blizzard!
So maybe my hopes for an extended snow day  weekend will come true for weekend four of "Live like a Hobbit January"! Lets hope so, I am ready for it and have enough in the freezer and pantry to last a week or two, enough steak and seasoning to make another batch of Jerky, and enough crafting to do to keep me busy for a very, very long time.

Hope you are having a great week! Stay warm!

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