Saturday, January 30, 2016

I'm going on an adventure!

Well, not really.
But, it is the last weekend in January, which means it is the last weekend of my "live like a Hobbit" month. And, since Valentine's day is right around the corner, and I knew I needed to drop some Valentines sentiment spoons off at Creative Village, I thought why not stop at my favorite flea market and try my luck?
Flea market, Goodwill and Hobby Lobby, my kind of adventure!
So, bright and early this morning, my daughter and I jumped into the car and took off. And we did come home with a couple treasures. First stop was Goodwill, struck out there. Then next door to Hobby Lobby for some craft project necessities then off to my favorite indoor flea market. My daughter does not love going to this flea market, but the promise of lunch at Sonic and new handmade soap from Creative Village kept her quiet while I scoured the place for treasures.
First find was this pretty doily, I am getting a stash together for an upcoming craft project.
Next was this sweet vintage jam crock, a  4.00 find. Checked Ebay when I came home and  found one listed for 14.00. I would say I got a bargain!
No reasonably priced Pyrex fridgie left behind right? Not a bargain, but not over priced either. And since I did not have a little yellow one I decided it had to come home with me.

This was my favorite find for the day, A Fire King Catalina Island Lobster platter. This is so fun! I love it! As I was chatting with the store owners while checking out, they were saying that they thought the platters were used as plates for Red Lobster at one point in time.  I could believe that. There were four platters available, this one was the only one with minimal dishwasher damage. And I cannot wait to use it!

And last but not least, this fun vintage bread keeper. I grabbed it not to use in the kitchen, but for my craft supplies for whatever current project I am working on to keep in my living room. Right now I use baskets, and that is fine, but they get tipped and knocked over. I think this will work much better! It is really large!

And my second lot of flatware was delivered today, this one had, well, more than a few that I fell in love with and cannot stand to hammer out.

I guess finding the jam crock today was meant to be, I think a French mustard crock will have to be added to my "must find" flea market list.

The final stop in my Saturday morning adventure was Creative Village. I dropped off some sweet Valentines day sentiment spoons that I was really pleased with. Oh, you want to see a picture? Sure, me too. This morning I cleaned them up, got them polished and priced, popped them into my purse. No picture. Totally blanked it. Dropped them off at Creative Village plopped them into the display, No picture. Totally blanked it. I blame it on the fact that Bruno woke me up extra early and I had not had my usual amount of Diet Coke  before we left on our adventure. I just did not have my crap together and I was a total ditzy space case.  With any luck they will have sold by the time I get back out to the shop in two weeks, but if not, I will get a couple pictures in a couple weeks.
February is almost upon us, time to start going out and about on the weekends again. But I have enjoyed my quiet January. And honestly, we have some fun outings planned for the next couple weekends, worth getting out of the house for!
Oh and did I mention that it was 63 degrees today? Gorgeous sunshine, fabulous breeze blowing through the open windows....A week ago we had six inches of snow on the ground. Today I ran around out on the back deck barefoot in a t shirt repotting Rose Geraniums.
I love the south.
Have a fantastic weekend!


  1. OMG!! I love, love that lobster platter!! This summer let's have a get together in your backyard and I insist we use this platter for something.... :)

  2. It's a date!!! We will use it for.....LOBSTER! Bring your swimsuit too!