Wednesday, February 3, 2016

You have to be a bit of a history nerd....

I think that people who collect.....well almost anything really, but especially anything vintage have to be a little bit of a history nerd. Or, maybe a bit of a romantic.
 I love researching some of the things I have come across in my thrifting. Not just the era that they were popular in but the stories around it. Furniture, all the glassware, McCoy and Red Wing pottery, interesting stories about the business, the artists or how some of my favorite things were used for marketing giveaways like how Jadeite used to basically be a grocery store giveaway. I think that kind of information is just...well fun and very interesting. Yes, I guess I am a bit of a history nerd. You do not want to watch an old movie with me, I am forever getting more excited about what they are wearing, what is hanging on the wall or the glasses they are drinking from or the dishes they are eating off of or (most often) what is in the background of the room than I am about what is going on between the people.
I have been told I am annoying....I am ok with this.
Last week I was reading an article about collecting and vintage values and one of the topics was import marks. Apparently prior to 1914 US customs only required the name of the Country of origin to be stamped on the item. After 1914 they required "Made in" to accompany the place. For example, an item marked "Germany" would have to be marked "Made in Germany" after 1914. Pretty interesting stuff right?
Ok, maybe only I think so.
Anyway after reading the article, it made me think about my first collecting love. Lady planters. Yes I love the head vases and I do have a few, but they were always hard to find and above my budget. But I found Lady Planters fairly easy to find and within my spending limits at the time. I have a pretty large collection, mainly consisting of Lefton and Napco ladies, but I do have a couple marked "Germany" and they happen to be two of my favorites.
Isn't she lovely? I think she looks more French Aristocracy, but she is marked "Germany"

But this lovely lady looks very German to me, I don't know why, I guess I have a vivid imagination.

I just love them. The majority of my Lady planter collection is in storage now, but I could never put these up. I love them too much.
There are their markings!

Believe it or not, I have never used them for flowers, just to sit around and look pretty.

Of course I had to share with my husband my little tidbit of trivia. His reaction was " You mean to tell me you have a 100+ year old tchotchke on a shelf in the kids bathroom?!?!?" Huh...yes, I guess I see your point. In my defense I did have a bit of florist gum holding her in place on the shelf. But, since it turns out they are both pretty old. They have been relocated to a safer spot in my bedroom.
Just fine with me, I get to enjoy looking at them more in there.
what are some of your favorite trivia tidbits about your collectables?
Hope you are having an excellent week!

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