Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Little girls and valentines day.

Little girls love Valentines day.
But mine is past the cute valentines day cards in decorated shoe boxes stage, she wanted to do little gift bags for her closest girlfriends. And of course, since she IS my child, she hit her Pinterest account to see what she could come up with.
Yes, my 11 year old daughter has her own Pinterest account. I was getting tired of her messing my boards up.
After looking around, she decided she wanted to make cool aid lip gloss, lip scrub and solid perfume with essential oils.
And I shall call her "mini me".
It was a fun way to spend Saturday afternoon. The cool aid lip gloss was fun to whip together and super easy for kids to do on their own.
I have to admit, I really liked the lip scrub. I plan to whip up a batch of this for myself. And the flavored baking oils made it very yummie sugar lip scrub.
But we really had fun making the solid perfumes. My daughter picked out the oils she wanted to use. It ended up smelling so good!

A quick trip to the $ tree for some fun candies and gift bags.....

She was so excited to put it all together. We were both happy with how they turned out.

I think all her sweet little girlfriends will be very happy with their surprises. It is great to have a crafty kid that loves to do things for her friends.
But we were not finished yet, she had her beloved Aunties and Grandmothers to make gifts for as well. We had decided at Christmas time to follow the example of Paul and Julia Child. Everyone is so busy at Christmas, they did Valentines cards and parties instead. An excellent idea if you ask me! Valentines day can be so much fun! I will have to show you what she came up with for her Aunties and Grandmothers later this week just in case they all have not gotten their boxes in the mail yet!
Hope you are having a great week!

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