Wednesday, February 17, 2016


I always have a lot of projects. Big projects, little projects, expensive, cheap, difficult and easy, long lists of them. Some projects I jump into right away and complete in a very short amount of time, but others may sit while I ponder exactly how I want the end product to turn out.
This is one of those projects.
My husbands family owns a large farm in East TN and over the years the100 year old farm house on the property as fallen into disrepair. About 14 years ago while visiting the farm and looking through the contents of the house (that had long been abandoned) to see what could be salvaged, I spied these decorative metal pieces on the front screen doors. The doors themselves were bent, rusted and beyond repair, but I was sure I could do something with the letters and thought it would be a sweet memento of the family farm house. So my husband and I pulled them off the doors and brought them home. Where I put them in a box and there they have stayed.
No, I am not a hoarder, I swear. Ok, at least.... I don't think I am.
Well this weekend is their weekend.
 We are painting and redecorating our smaller bathroom with a rustic vintage theme and I thought, BAM! I want those letters mounted on some battered pallet wood to hang on the wall in the bathroom!
If this project was a child it would be a freshman in high school. I don't usually take 14 years to finish a project, but when I take a while to figure things out, they usually turn out really cool!
So check in with me next week to see how they come out!
Hope you are having  great week! 

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