Sunday, July 26, 2015

Books and tea

It's going to be close to 100 degrees again today. It has been a very hot July to say the least. But, I do not want to imply by this post that I am ready for Summer to be over and for Fall to begin, I am not ready to give up my pool time yet.

Last month at the Nashville flea market I spotted some Fire King mugs that I have been looking for, four for nine bucks, I knew that they were coming home with me.

I could not help but think how well they complimented the books I picked up during my July 3rd Thrift market run.

Books, coffee mug and a chenille blanket. Can't help but think of how nice it is to be curled up on the couch, wind howling outside, me and Bruno under my favorite Chenille baby blanket, a cup of hot "Russian" tea or cocoa with a book in my hand and an old movie on the big screen.


These books were a score, not just because I really loved the jackets, but there are also something I would enjoy reading. 

Is it weird that I love the smell of old books? I do, I will crack an old book open and inhale deeply. Ya, maybe that is strange. Good thing that I am not bothered if people think I am weird.

I was out snapping pictures of my morning glory's again this morning and found that my chocolate heirloom also has white and colbalt blue flowers as well. I love these beautiful blooms.

look at that gorgeous baby!

Since it is going to be close to100 degrees again today, I am planning to spend the majority of this beautiful Sunday afternoon in the pool, with a pile of magazines and a big tall glass of fruit tea. Thoughts of cold winter winds, blankets and books will be the farthest from my mind for the rest of the weekend!

Hope your having a fantastic weekend!

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