Sunday, July 19, 2015

Nashville Flea Market and a Thrift Shop run

I can't believe it took me almost a month to post these pictures, Nashville Flea market it next week again, and I am just now getting to posting my June finds, Where is this summer going?

Very aware of my thrifting dry spell, I went into the June Nashville Flea with a very open mind and my entire "wish list" not just the tip top items. And it worked for me. I found a few things on my wish list that I may have overlooked because I was so focused on my targeted top five.

Like this milk glass grease jar, missing the original lid, they replaced it with a 5 o'clock coffee lid.  I like the replacement, fits with my coffee theme and makes a perfect home for my current summer obsession Tazo tea. And the Aluminum tin, this was a Goodwill find and is a perfect container for my husbands coffee creamers.

And what do we have here? Yet another crock? Yup, 5.00 at the Flea market, I snapped it up knowing it was a good deal. I am up to five small crocks in one year. I think I better start watching for a new silverware box, the crocks are not going to cut it for much longer at the rate I am going.

And Cheese boxes! These have been on my list for years but have always been more than I wanted to pay. I found the small one at the Flea market, and my mom and kids found the big one at my favorite WI antique mall on their summer trip up North. Love them both!

Hard to see the graphics on the smaller one, but I still like it. Love them with my blue insulators. As I am posting this, I see I have a bit of a dairy theme going here. My next purchases were vintage milk, cream and cottage cheese glass. I love using them for cut flowers. My son immediately adopted the smaller cream bottle to drink his milk from. He is 16 and a football player, he drinks a lot of milk so I let him adopt it without comment.

This cottage cheese jar has a cool pinkish tint to it. I love the size and shape.

I love the cow on the cream bottle. Not sure if it is really all that old, but I paid so little for it I really am not concerned one way or another. 

The milk bottle is another WI find. Perfect for flowers!

I love how they all look loaded up with summer Zinnia's. So pretty!

And one more Goodwill find. A fluted hobnail milkglass vase that I just could not pass on. I came home with quite a few fun Goodwill finds on my July 3rd run. I picked up several books as well, something I look for on occasion, this time I found some cool ones I will show you next time along with one last Flea market find that I was pretty tickled with.

So next week is the the July Nashville flea market whether or not I go is a toss up. I am a pretty big wimp about the heat and people tend to think I am stroking out because I turn bright pink in the heat. I am constantly saying, no, I am fine, I just turn pink. Honestly, I would rather be in the pool when it gets flesh melting hot like it has been for the last week, and looks like it will continue to be for the next 10 days. This time of year a lot of vendors are doing the mile long garage sales  so there are not as many there. But it is such a large venue, there are still plenty to make it worth my while. So I will have to see what I feel like doing next week. It may be a thrift shop and indoor flea market kind of weekend!

Time for me to head for the pool! Have a great week and stay cool!

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