Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Planting Sunshine

Planting sunflowers is almost like planting sunshine. 

They make me so happy to look at when they finally bloom! Of course I would be happier if more of the close to 200 seeds I planted grew. But...oh well. The ones that did grow and have finally bloomed are beautiful!

This teeny tiny heirloom sunflower, I love it.

Think this is one of the mixed bag I tossed in. It is beautiful!

 I find the patterns in their centers almost hypnotic.

Cannot get enough, they are both beautiful and interesting at the same time.

Sunshine that grows right up out of the ground.

I love how the morning glory climbs up the sunflowers and bloom, such a lovely combination! I hope I can get a picture of the morning glories blooming around the sunflower this week. Those lovely twisty vines are beautiful, but I would love to see the chocolaty pink of the morning glory next to this bright sunny yellow!

Still waiting for the darn feather morning glory to bloom...I am getting impatient.

I hope you are having a lovely sunny week!

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