Saturday, March 26, 2016

Burrrrrrr...a very chilly March Flea Market

I was so excited to be able to spend the morning of Good Friday at the Flea Market, that I never bothered to check out what the weather was supposed to be like. I swear it had said low 70's....I don't think we made it up quite that warm yesterday, it was CHILLY yesterday morning.
I suspect the Flea market was insane today, it has been a gorgeous day, but I still think it was worth braving the chilly temps yesterday to be able to get first crack at the goodies. I walked away with some pretty fun finds!
Favorite find of the day was this relish dish. My Mom and I spotted one at Southern Thrift last Friday, I had never seen one before and I loved it, but would not buy it because it was obviously missing "something" from the center. At the time I did not realize that something was a cute mushroom to put your toothpicks in. I have been looking for it on eBay all week, and found a few, but they would have cost me close to 20.00 with shipping.
So, spending 5.00 on a mint condition dish pretty much made my morning, I should mention they wanted 8.00 for the one missing the mushroom at Southern Thrift. See what I mean about their prices? You really have to watch what you buy there.
These relish dishes are so kitchy I am tickled with this find!
What? Another insulator? But this one is different I swear! It says "New York"!!
Love it!
Love the egg basket. I am pretty sure it is not really vintage, only made to look so, but I love it!
Another vintage pitcher? Honestly, my family drinks so much sweet tea and lemonade, I am always looking for a pitcher to use, and a cute two quart Pyrex with the original lid for 2.00? No way I was passing it up!
Already filled with a batch of sweet tea!

Another Pyrex find. This is the smallest size bowl,  I love these small bowls, they are so handy!
 Is it me or does that top tomato almost look Angelic in that light?

And last but not least, this really cute orange Hazel Atlas flower pot! 2.00, perfect condition and the perfect size for the succulent plants I have so far been pretty successful keeping alive all winter! So sweet!
And of course another handful of silverware to hammer out, I have been busy hammering all week in preparation for the Farmisan market next month. There was a lot at the Flea Market this month, I could have spent a fortune! But I was really happy to walk away with my little finds!
Aside from having a messy kitchen, I am all ready for Easter tomorrow. My kids are excited to get their baskets and my son is looking forward to his Easter ham. The boy lives for spiral cut honey ham and sweet potato casserole. He will be happily eating leftovers all week long.
Hope you have a Happy Easter!

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