Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Just messing around.....

I like to try new things and experiment. And using epoxy with jewelry making has always interested me so I thought I would see how I could tie it in with my herb markers and such.
Well, this is what I came up with!
Tiny aluminum hydrangea flowers painted with colorful enamel, scattered into an ice tea spoon and forever frozen in epoxy.
Kind of interesting!
I still need to get the hang of using the epoxy, I was not thrilled with the little bubbles, it made the epoxy a bit cloudy. But I still think they turned out well.
I started with just four, I plan to bring a couple to Creative Village and keep a couple for the Farmisan market just to see if they sell before I make any more.
 I like how they add a bit of interest and a pop of color to my green plants!
And I have to admit, they were really kind of fun to make, so I would be thrilled if they sold well and I had to make more!
Only about a month away from the first Farmisan Market of the season, We are back a Charlie Daniels park this year, I was hoping we could get permission to set up in the park by the train depot on a very busy intersection in town, that location would have gotten us a lot of foot traffic, but, things just did not pan out, at least not for this year, but who knows what the future may bring!
The Spring flowers are starting to come out because of the beautiful warm temps we have had the last few days, hope you are enjoying this beautiful weather!

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