Sunday, March 6, 2016

More Ebay finds

Not only have I not had the time to hit my usual thrift shop circuit, but lets face it, this time of year the thrifts seem to be pretty slim on stock other than clothes. I stopped into Goodwill just this past Friday night, the night before 1/2 off Saturday when you expect the store to be packed with stuff. Nope, hardly anything on the shelves in the house wares area. Even my favorite indoor flea market has not had a lot of new stuff coming in, so what can you do when you need a vintage fix?
I am still very picky, taking into consideration shipping and I look for things that I do not usually come across in my area or things that have been on my long term wish list. I bid a lot, and lose a lot because I am strict about my budget. But I still manage to come away with some fun stuff! 
Like these Hazel Atlas glasses. I had been looking for the taller ones for awhile now. I Love these! Got all four for around 15.00 including shipping. Maybe not a bargain in the North, but in my area? I seldom see these at all. The three I found at the Nashville Flea market last summer were the first I had seen in my travels and a real steal, but with these, now I feel like I have a nice little set!

Three of the tall glasses and one shorty.

A Jadeite egg cup. Stated as vintage, but once I got my hands on it I knew it was not. World Market or Target reproduction most likely. Thankfully I did not spend much, so I will suck it up and take it as a lesson.
And I snagged a mustard crock! I really do not think this is vintage, but it is cool and I spent just a few dollars on it. It looks great with the rest of the crocks and it is the perfect size to hold some of my darling baby forks and spoons!
I have been looking for the Fire King Rose and Daisy mug for more than a year now. Usually they are pretty expensive on Ebay, but I found these two for 9.99 with free shipping. one has a manufacturers flaw, the paint does not line up perfectly the way it should, but the other is perfect. Maybe the seller expected a bit of a bidding war, but I was the only bidder. Win for me! Still looking for the Daisy to make my set is complete.
And I continue to work on completing my set of Fire King Honey suckle dishes. This platter is a bit more dish washer damaged than it looked in the picture, but, for the price I will live with it. 4.99 plus shipping, still came to less than 10.00. I have only seen this pattern in my travels once down here, and I snatched it up. Now all I need is a couple serving bowls and the soup bowls and the set will be complete!
Oh, and the milk glass salt and pepper shakers. They do not make S&P for this set as far as I could find, so when I saw this set for such a good price, I snatched them up.
The search for Jadeite S&P continues!
Spring is coming which means the garage sales and outdoor flea markets will start again, the thrift shops will start to see more stock and I will be one happy thrifter again. But until then, I will keep surfing eBay and trying my luck!
Hope you are enjoying some beautiful early spring weather this weekend!

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