Saturday, March 12, 2016

Design Change Part II

I was finally able to put the finishing touches on our bathroom "mini" remodel. We got shelves stained and put up this past weekend, but it was Wednesday night before I was able to get in there and decorate.
Like most design jobs, it did not turn out exactly as I had envisioned, But the differences are minor so I am ok with it. The most important things worked out just the way I wanted them to.
The inspiration for the room was my McCoy pottery collection. I wanted to be able to use and display some of my favorite pieces, so we went with a forest green for the walls with beige and black accents and I am thrilled how it all tied together.
I ended up only mounting one of the "S's" from the Farm house. I liked it better a little mixed up. I love that I can see my favorite McCoy turtle and frog. The vintage insulators, my favorite blue/green Milwaukee bottle and the blue Ball jar (usually filled with Epsom salt for baths) tied in with the green nicely and the  McCoy planters not only look great, but make perfect containers for cotton balls, soap, Q-tips and tooth brushes.
This larger Hager planter fits all of my son's toiletries and odds and ends he keeps near the sink without having to look at the clutter. Perfect size and perfect match! I love how this turned out.
We had a pedestal sink in here for years, liked it, but we needed something with a bit more counter space and storage underneath. The vanity we chose is not a large, and turned out to be the perfect size for this space. A light and mirror are still on my shopping list. The mirror is fine, but I either want to frame it or find something I like more.
We painted and started redecorating my daughters bedroom as her birthday gift this weekend and my son said he wanted to do the same for his birthday in May. That will be my last indoor project before the summer. April I will get the garden planted and finish my minor landscape projects, so by the time that is all finished it should be nice enough to get in the pool.
After months of project work around the house, It will be so nice to have it all finished and be able to relax in the pool all summer!
Well, relax as much as I can in between Farmisan Markets and keeping my stock up!
Hope you are having a great Spring weekend!

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