Sunday, May 8, 2016

She Shack

The pallet deck in my favorite spot under the willow tree finally rotted out last summer and I have to admit I missed it a lot. I knew I wanted to replace it. Of course if you are going to replace, why not upgrade a bit?
She Shed's are all the rage right now. A bandwagon I would happily jump on if they fit into my current budget. But they are a bit over the top for a girl on a flea market budget with a kid shopping colleges, so I went for something that sat a little easier on my wallet. Not quite in the same league as the She Sheds, Lets call it the "She Shack" instead.

Nice new 10x10 deck and a gazebo to sit on top of it. It is metal, but not the really sturdy metal gazebo, but as much as I love this one already? The sturdier metal gazebo will be in the budget for next summer.
Did I mention I love this already?
I had almost everything on hand already to decorate, but I did go out and pick up some fun curtain panels from Ross to make it a bit more homey and provide a little more privacy. We had to move the double level pallet couch over near the fire pit, but we needed more seating over there anyway so it worked out great. My pallet couch, coffee table and end tables fit perfectly. Leaving plenty of room for a couple chairs and a pillow for Daisy to lay on. I ordered the coolest vintage looking battery powered lantern lights for the end tables so we will have some light out there at night, cannot wait until they get here this week. We even have space for a small table and TV for movie nights.

We have had dinner out here the last couple nights and mothers day breakfast this morning. This outdoor room is going to get a lot more use now that you can eat outside protected from bugs and bird poop. I love my willow tree...but so do ALL the birds.
I am looking forward to spending many Saturday mornings this summer and fall drinking my  diet coke with my fur babies at my side while we listen to the birds in this comfy new outdoor living room. 

Bruno has already made himself at home!
Best Birthday/Mothers day gift ever. Well, for me at least!
Hope you have had a wonderful Mothers Day weekend!'

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