Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Tang Pitchers

Growing up I LOVED Tang.
Of course what kid growing up in the 60's or 70's did not love Tang?
Ok.....I still love Tang.
Anyway, I can't honestly say I remember seeing the Tang pitchers growing up. Probably out of our grocery budget. But I see them now, and I like them!
During one of my late night Ebay surfing sessions looking for Milk Glass salt/pepper shakers, I ran across this 1960's Milk Glass Tang pitcher. I had never seen one of these before in my flea market travels and had to have it. 11.00 with free shipping, if I had seen it at the Nashville Flea market I would have offered 8.00, but for the convenience of Ebay, I happily paid that price and snapped it up.
Perfect size for juice when I bring my breakfast down to my "She Shack" on the weekends. Or, perfect size just to fill with water for my bedside. Heck, it will work nicely with some of my several Milk Glass dinner sets.
Justification's? I can come up with a ton of them when it comes to buying vintage!

I just love the Daisy's! They are so sweet!
We have a long Holiday weekend coming up, the Nashville Flea Market, perfect pool weather in the forecast and cute vintage to dress up the table and patio.
For me, the perfect recipe for an excellent weekend!
Hope you are looking forward to a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend!

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