Saturday, May 21, 2016

Strawberry Jam

It is no secret that I love making jam. Homemade strawberry jam with peanut butter on sourdough toast is one of my favorite things for breakfast, so every spring I make sure I whip up a big batch of freezer jam to last me until the next Spring.
This year I was starting to get a little nervous that I would not get my local strawberries before they were all gone, so I ended up sending my husband to the Nashville Farmers market on his way home Friday night, and even he had some trouble finding good ones.
But he delivered the goods.....and I made the jam.
And it is oh so good!
Spring strawberries with the last of the Spring Peonies. I never get tired of this combination.
Of course I had to get some pretty shots before they went into the pot.
Sugar and strawberries bubbling away. The entire house smelled of strawberries.
So good!
It took me a couple tries, but I think I finally have this whole jam thing down. The first time I tried it, I had all the fruit floating on top and it was very runny. Then the next year, I did better, but added vanilla to the mix..blech, funky flavor, not again. But the last two years I have managed perfect batches!
Of course, local delicious strawberries always make the best jam.
Is it just me that thinks homemade jam is beautiful?
We wrapped up another Farmisan Market tonight. It was a very cool evening with lots of events going on around town and graduations everywhere, so foot traffic was light. I will not be back selling until the Fall. I keep hoping that our little market will pick up and really catch fire.
We will keep trying!

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

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