Monday, May 30, 2016

Pallet Projects

I have such fun working with Pallets. They can be used for so many different things and because they are often free, or really cheap, they are great to experiment with and learn some building techniques without destroying quality wood.
A good friend of mine sent me a txt last week asking if I wanted some pallets that a friend of hers needed to get rid of. Well yes! Of course I want them!
Six nice ones, four are pretty new, two are very old and weathered. So of course I zeroed in on the older more weathered pallets. I had a project in mind already.
I am a big fan of Donna who writes the Funky Junk blog and I really love the stenciled signs she creates. What I don't love is stenciling. As a matter of fact....I hate it. I am not patient enough, and it never turns out as neat as I want it to. Not to mention her stencils are a bit on the spendy side for someone that only plans to use them once or twice.
So I thought around the problem. I wanted a metal look. Metal house letters? No, to expensive as well. But what about wood? Not expensive, and with a coat of metallic spray paint, they have a metal look without the metal price. I knew I was on to something there, so off to Hobby Lobby I went.
27.00 final project price for two signs. Now that is more in line with my budget.
First things first, cut out the nicest parts of the most weathered pallet. Would you believe we found it had pieces that were red oak? Wow.
I decided I wanted the more weathered look for these signs, so just a good rub of feed n wax orange oil was all I did. Love the look, love the scent!
Wow, what a difference the oil makes. Left side is untreated, right side is treated.
Played around a bit to figure out the best way to fit the words.

Blast of metallic spray paint.
And boom! Finished product. I definitely need a pop of color. I think red geraniums are just the flower to add both color and some old fashioned charm. Off I go to the garden center this week!

Not quite finished styling them, but I am very happy with the results so far!
Great quick project to tackle over the long holiday weekend.
Hope you have had a lovely Memorial Day weekend!

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