Wednesday, June 1, 2016

What a lovely weekend!

Starting back to work after a long Holiday weekend is always rough, especially when you had a really great weekend.
I took a vacation day on Friday to extend my three day weekend to four days and managed to really pack in a lot.  It was so nice starting the days relaxing in my shack with the dogs and a cold Coke, having lunch and going shopping with my kids, hitting the Nashville flea market, spending our evenings back in the shack roasting marshmallows and making smores, yard projects, craft projects, and a delish cookout and swim party visiting with friends, what better way to spend a weekend?
We kicked off the weekend on Friday morning at the Nashville Flea and this month did not disappoint. Although we really did not come home with a huge load.
One of the main things on our list were tiny vintage bottles. Late last year my mom brought me this  hanging planter. As soon as I saw it I thought that air plants would look great in there. Found a deal for 10 plants on Ebay, filled the planter~ and still had several left over...what to do with them?

My daughter and I decided that tiny vintage bottles would look really cool with the smallest of the air plants sitting on them. And I think we were right! Really like how they look!
The blue is a Noxzema jar, the milk glass, I think may have been a cold cream? The green and clear I believe may have been pill bottles. I think they make a nice display with the plants.

This funky air plant on the left is my favorite of the bunch! Love the long curls.

Next on the list was another lasagna pan, I really wanted pink, and I really got lucky and found one!
There was no getting a good picture of this. 13x9 pink Pyrex, a little scratched but I got a deal on it, 6.00. Compared to what I am seeing them go for, I consider that a bargain. Got it home, cleaned it up and filled it with no bake Oreo cookie dessert. Which did not last 24 hours after my son and three of his football playing buddies got into it. Not that I minded, nothing makes me feel better than seeing people, especially kids, enjoy food that I prepare.
I joked with my daughter that we were really on a glass kick. Found this pretty glass jar and decided it would look great in the bathroom. I was right, fit right in!
But I think my favorite purchase of the weekend, even more than the pink Pyrex, is the Real Lemon jar. At least I think it was Real lemon, at least some kind of lemon concentrate originally.

Looks like Anchor Hocking, still had the price tag on the lid 1.18.  Now, mind you I did not use this lid, gross. As it happens mason jar lids fit this perfectly so I do not have to be grossed out thinking of what 40 year old germs may be living in that top and leaking into my lemonade. That top will be used for display only~ LOL
I pretty much lived on lemonade and watermelon all weekend.
Of course I picked up a handful of flatware to hammer. I have a couple wholesale orders to fill and I need to get hammering fast.

A couple of these are so pretty, I think I may just make them into necklaces right away.

We picked up Sunflowers for our kitchen table this weekend. They were a perfect choice for such a beautiful weekend.
And of course hit the farm stand for tomatoes and veggies and to get MORE peach truck peaches.  I can eat a lot of these peaches before I get tired of them. And I make sure to freeze a few bags. There is nothing like eating hot peach cobbler with vanilla ice cream during the deep dark cold winter months. It is one of my favorite winter treats.
One nice thing about a long weekend, is the shorter week that follows! I am already looking forward to this weekend.
Have a great rest of your week!

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