Wednesday, June 8, 2016

I don't need your attitude, or, A story about a bottle....

Our main goal at the May Nashville Flea Market was to find tiny vintage bottles for our air plant display. And we found some that we liked for very good prices. But, there was that one that got away.
My daughter and I were enjoying a really lovely stroll through the flea market and were down to our last shed before leaving when we spotted this tiny cobalt blue bottle. We both spotted it at the same time and my hand shot right out for it, it was EXACTLY what I wanted. I turned to find the seller and ask what the price was on it. I was thinking maybe around 5.00.

Well the guy, who was still unpacking after10:00~long after the flea market opened, was extremely rude to us. "I just got this from an estate sale, I am still unpacking and don't even know what it is worth" he said very rudely to me. He huffed and  puffed while tapping away at his cell phone, looked back up at me and said "Well I suppose you only want to pay a couple dollars for it", I just kind of smiled, probably looking a little taken aback,  I mean, this is a flea market.
 There are always rude vendors, but in my experience they are not the majority, and I was not about to offer anything because I had already taken a very strong dislike to this rude dude. Finally after another disgusted huff he says "Well, I have to have at least 15.00 for it". Now, I am not a big vintage bottle collector, I have very few and only know a little about them, I know they can be very pricy, but I am not an expert and there is no way I am paying 15.00 for it, especially since I think the guy is a jerk. So I put his bottle down, gave him my best "I think your an asshole" nose wrinkle smirk combo, turned and walked away.
As we walked away, I whispered to my daughter, "He was such a jerk, I don't think I would have given him a dollar for it, heck with him we will look on Ebay" she agreed, and we did. And I found the EXACT same bottle the jerk wanted 15.00 for in equally perfect condition, for 5.99, including shipping.
It is obviously not a rare uncommon bottle.
Two lessons here, don't be a jerk to people when you are trying to sell and don't spend a lot of money on flea market stuff that you know nothing about, unless you totally love it and just don't care about spending the money.
Tiny Antique Cobalt blue Bromo Seltzer, Baltimore MD bottle. All over Ebay. A few are overpriced, but the majority are listed for around 5.00.
Dude should have been a  little faster on his Ebay search. Had he been nice about it I would have happily paid him 6.00 no argument just because we both liked the bottle that much.
As  it happens, the seller I got it from on Ebay was very sweet, letting me know that he had dug it up himself, making the extra effort to reach out and send me a note and tell me he would be a day late shipping it because of the holiday. Thanking me, telling me he hoped I enjoyed it, packaging it up nice and safe and leaving good feedback. Sometimes Ebay is worth it.
And we do love our pretty little bottle!

I have an air plant the will sit perfectly on top of it, but since I have tiny pink hydrangeas blooming right now....I think it will be a flower vase for a little while.
The blue of the bottle is so pretty sitting in the window with the sunlight streaming through it.
I can't help but wonder if the people who bought these products when they were new, would laugh at people like me happily displaying flowers in their garbage.
I have to admit, the thought makes me giggle.
Hope you are having a wonderful, jerk free week!

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