Sunday, June 5, 2016

Lazy summer days

I have had a very bad case of early summer laziness this weekend.
Last weekend, I knocked it out of the park. Out and about doing things, running errands, cooking,  entertaining, crafting, tackling projects. This weekend? Not so much.
After a Saturday morning run through Trader Joes, Breakfast with my sister and a couple minor errands on the way home. I have been useless.
Don't get me wrong, I have managed to get the house cleaned, laundry done and kept everyone fed. Maybe it was yesterdays rain, but I have been easily distracted. Starting one task, trailing off to another, before noticing I have lost an hour....or two. Finally today I just gave up and popped into the pool to read. The sun was out, so I figure, why fight it.
I think sometimes you just need a lazy do nothing weekend. It's good to recharge. So recharge I did, I  grabbed one of my favorite pink Pyrex plates and current favorite spoon and indulged in my new addiction. Trader Joes Hot and Sweet Chili Jam with Brie and rosemary crackers. good. I went a little heavy on the jam. It is amazing! Now I have to stop at the grocery store tomorrow for more brie. Did I say indulged? I should probably say over indulged.

Then after a couple hours spend standing in the pool, nose in a book enjoying the peace and sunshine, I spent another hour lost in thought taking pictures of flowers. I could spend hours doing this.

I suppose it is time to stop being lazy, get some dinner on the table and prepare for another week.
Sometimes I wish all weekends were three day weekends!
Hope you have had a chance relax and enjoy your weekend!

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