Sunday, June 19, 2016

Another "set" complete

A couple years ago my daughter spotted the most adorable syrup dispenser at our favorite indoor flea market. Of course we bought it and my children, for some reason, LOVE it.
It is really funny to me how they both tend to get attached to some of these vintage items. I am not sure why  they love this syrup dispenser so much, but they do. They are both pancake and waffle addicts and will both will get irate if I forget to clean and refill it. Honestly, it kinda cracks me up.
Of course when I realized that the syrup dispenser was part of a set, the rest of the pieces hit my "watch" list. And in what, three years? I have never seen another piece in "the wild". So for whatever reason I decided it was my mission to finish this set this summer. With no luck at the flea market or thrifts in years, I turned to Ebay. And was successful!
Back together again!
Syrup (or I guess it could be used for cream), Sugar and the most adorable salt and pepper shakers ever! They are so tiny and cute!
Problem is, I have one set, but two kids. And they BOTH like the set. I am afraid like my big yellow Pyrex bowl, I will have keep looking so I have a set for each of them.
The big yellow Pyrex bowl is their favorite popcorn bowl, they would literally bicker about who's bowl it was and argue over who held the bowl. Having two made them both happy.
I suspect they will both grow up to be very sentimental adults.
A friend of mine asked me to create a center piece for her son's 18th Birthday party and include some vintage sheet music she had found. It was so beautiful It KILLED me to cut it, but I think the arrangement turned out pretty well. I am not quite finished with it, but will be by tomorrow night. I was so happy with how parts of it turned out, it has really motivated me on a couple other projects.
In other words, it gave me the creative shot in the arm I needed! I am feeling the summer laziness starting to melt away. I like relaxing, but I like feeling energetic even more.

I am enjoying my hydrangea blooms this summer, I don't have a ton, but I have more than I have had in recent years.

So beautiful!

I hope you have had a great weekend and are ready to tackle another week!

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