Wednesday, June 29, 2016


An obsession with words......not an injury caused by stepping on a Lego.
I have always been a reader. One of my favorite things to read (other than books) are definitions of less commonly used or obscure words. A bit nerdy, I know.
Recently, I was reading an article on the topic of beautiful words of the English language, it gave me an idea.
And a new "spoon line" was born!
Just saying these words aloud is relaxing.

Of course, I do live in the South, so I have to make sure I have a few "Southernisms" thrown in as well.

I have a long list of "Southernism's" to hammer out.

I am having a lot of fun with this.
I am not sure what I enjoy more, researching words, or hammering them out. I predict that this "spoon line" is going to have a wide selection.
Well, that is unless I am alone in my love of obscure words.
Hoping you are having a prodigious week!

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