Saturday, October 8, 2016

A little vintage goodness....

While we were killing time waiting for Creative Village to open last week so we could drop off spoons and pick up soaps, we stopped into our favorite indoor flea market. The second week in a row and I did not have high hopes to walk out with anything, but ....I was pleasantly surprised! I was half looking for something fun to use during the soap photo shoot, and I did end up only using one thing I found. So it worked out just fine.
I just love these delicate little tea towels! And for 2.00 it was a great deal!
Here is the Dr. Pepper bottle I used in the Baby Love shots, Just cleaned it up and filled it with orange soda. This one is pretty beat up, but if Ebay auction prices are any indication, even in this condition my 2.99 investment was a good one. They were going online for much more.
Some fun vintage kitchen utensils. Again, a good price at 2.00 a piece.
Some Hull pottery! It has been a long time since I picked up any Hull or McCoy pottery, but I loved the color and the shape. It now holds Baby Love soaps in my green bathroom. Love how it looks in there.
And I loved this little enamelware box. It was way out of my budget at 18.00, but the vendor had a close out sale, so 70% off everything in the booth and that put it in my budget range! Still no idea what I am going to use it for, but it was one of those things the kinda leapt off the shelf at me and begged to come home. No doubt I will find something fun to use it for. Maybe it should hold some vintage game pieces or even some old photos?

And last but not least. A saltines tin. I just realized I photographed the Spanish side~ LOL not sure how old it is, we had one growing up, so I am guessing it is 1970's. I had to grab it, my husband is a saltines junkie so he was tickled to get it. Washed up and yes, now holds our saltines!
And I totally forgot to share this find from the Nashville flea market last month. Another great buy, I love my fridgies and this was a steal at 5.00. Again, if you believe Ebay prices, I found several going for as much as 28.00 plus shipping. It does have a tiny chip under the lid, but it is minor, almost a flea bite. These things are so darn handy. I started to use it immediately.
I will be spending this week getting ready for the Farmisan Market next Saturday. Will be our last one as I don't think anyone can pick up and run it again next year. It just never gained the popularity that we thought it would. So sad, it had potential to be a really great community event. But, I think the location has just never been right and we just could not get the community attention.
But I will keep hammering away. I have a couple local craft shows that I am considering joining and of course Creative Village. And, I am considering opening up an Etsy shop. Not to mention there are always more fun projects to tackle, I have no doubt I will find a way to keep myself busy.
We FINALLY have some Fall like weather here today, so cool and wonderful! Hope you are having a great weekend and enjoying some beautiful Fall weather as well!


  1. I love your little finds - you find the neatest stuff

  2. I love your little finds - you find the neatest stuff