Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Poppin Tags

The newest rage with my 17 year old son and his friends are vintage sweatshirts....yup....they are into hitting the thrifts and looking for funky cool pullover sweatshirts. I crack up when I think of these big 17 year old football players all going into Goodwill together after practice and digging through the racks trying to out do each other and find the coolest sweatshirt. So my son dragged me out (not a lot of arm twisting required) to hit the thrifts with him and help him find some cool sweatshirts.
And we did, and he scored some really cool older, but in great shape local sweatshirts, including one from his Dads Alma Mater in East TN. Now that was a fun one to find!
While he found lots of sweatshirts, I scored a few finds myself!
Our first score was at Southern Thrift. My son collects the Fire King Game Birds plates and these  old liquor glasses match perfectly! He loved them! I am so happy to have a kids who enjoy vintage finds as much as I do!

Next Goodwill we found this cool old ashtray for my Cigar loving husband.  My son will probably end up snagging it from his Dad, he loved it too.
But the next Goodwill I found my favorite score! Pyrex bowl and this cool retro platter. I love my platters, use them so often. And this Pyrex pattern has always caught my eye, but I had yet to find a bowl for my collection.

I seldom find Pyrex bowls in good shape at Goodwill so I was really tickled to score this one, my son and I both practically skipped out of the store, what can I say, we are easily amused.
So after my thrift finds, I was feeling pretty lucky going to the Nashville Flea the next day, and my thrifting luck did hold up for me! But I will show you those finds next time!
I am hammering away this week, trying to get ready for the Holiday Market on November 12th, I have lots to hammer and a bunch of flowers to make in two weekends.
I hope you are having a great week!


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  2. those glasses look very similar to the ones that Mr Man has love love