Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Here come the hoildays!

Hold on tight, here come the holidays barreling toward us at 100 miles an hour! Wow...where has this year gone? I don't think I ever remember another year clipping by as quickly as 2016 has.
During our last Farmisan Market last week, one of my sweet crafter friends, who is one of the main organizers of the Farmisan Market and also the organizer of the biggest holiday craft show in our little town community center, asked me to join her in her booth for the Holiday show.
I was so relieved!
I wanted to do the show, but did not feel like my spoons would really bring in enough to make it worth my while. But, with two other ladies in the booth with me, and my booth fee waived because I am basically going to be acting as sales person for all of us while they tend to the needs of running the show, it totally makes it worth my while.
And more fun, not only working with these sweet ladies and because it will be like running our own mini store! I love this idea! There will be at least three of us selling in the booth, which means lots of variety, which means lots of customers will stop to browse, hopefully. A win, win for all of us selling in the booth!
So....I will be hammering furiously over the next couple of weeks!
My main focus will be the Christmas ornaments! I have a good start already.
These were really good sellers at Creative Village last year, I plan to have more stock for them this year as well!
Oh Fudge is a big seller! So cute!
And some new designs, oops! Where did Joy go? I need to check my tool box, I think I have a stray lost in there.
This is Nashville Flea Market weekend, I am really excited. October show is usually pretty big, AND it is actually going to be pretty and cool outside. So for the first time in months, I will not feel like I am dying from heatstroke while I shop!
I cannot wait!
Hope you are having a wonderful week!

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