Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Baby Love part 2, and my 200th post!

First off, wow...200 posts. Cant think of a better way to mark my 200th post than with the rest of the Baby Love photo shoot!
Well, most of it. We had one missing soap that got left out of the box but will be probably be photographed soon, other than that, It is a wrap and I could not be happier with how the pictures came out!
The Body Butters!

The Candles!

Lets not forget the sugar scrubs!

But still my favorite, the soaps!
I wanted to garnish the pictures like you would a plate of food, with one of the ingredients!
Loved the pop of color the strawberries gave to the oatmeal soap.
I also tried to incorporate vintage items into as many shots as I could.

Vintage Dr. Pepper bottle with some orange soda!

Ok, I actually had no problem incorporating vintage items in most of the pictures.

Love the scent of this lime. If I had it to do again, I would photograph this with lime slices and lots of salt!

And I found plenty of greenery in my yard to use. My lemon balm and mint are still growing like crazy.

Lavender...can you say favorite? Oh I love lavender!

 Ended up reshooting Rebel with more of a masculine vibe. Love it, any excuse to drag in yet more of my vintage collections. The vintage Velvet tobacco tin and pipe are some of my husbands favorites.
I was tickled that I could work in a vintage blue ball jar. Love my vintage blue ball mason jars.

And all together! I think they are so beautiful!

Dare I say they look yummie? Yup, they almost look like you could eat them!

Such a fun project. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and hope I have another opportunity to do this kind of work again. With any luck the pictures will help sell these wonderful soaps online. They sell themselves in person with their intoxicating scent and wonderful texture, I hope the pictures online make people want to give these wonderful soaps a try as well!
Web page should be ready soon so you will have to stop by and see the finished product!
So here is to my 200th post, I think I will see how much longer I can keep this going, with projects like this, I think I could easily keep going another 100 posts!
Hope you are having a wonderful week!

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