Thursday, September 25, 2014

A little progress

Ok, so the chairs that I had planned to have finished last week are still not complete, but I do have paint and wax purchased and got the chairs sanded and ready to go. The plan is to finish them up Saturday, hopefully~lol. I went with a Spanish brick red, I hope they turn out the way I imagine them!

One more thing I picked up last week on my Goodwill run was this globe. Globes are all the rage the last few years, and yes I like them too but cannot claim to be obsessed, surprisingly, my husband is a bit obsessed and was thrilled when I sent him a picture of my find. I did not need to really do anything but clean it up and it now stands proudly by my beat up trunk next to the fireplace. I love how they look together.

My flea market brass deer are trying to get into the picture here.

Nashville Flea Market weekend starts tomorrow, finally! I am excited to get out there in the morning and see what treasures I will find! Hopefully next post I will have not only some cool treasures to show you, but my finished chairs as well!

Have a great evening!

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