Saturday, September 13, 2014

Nope sorry, not into vintage Christmas...well, except for...

Vintage Ceramic Christmas trees....why do I love them? I have no idea.
I have never been a big Christmas person, I have kids so of course I decorate, but nothing extreme. vintage Christmas items typically just do not interest me, knee hugger elfs and the old santa's tend to creep me out, although I will grab a cute reindeer without question. One day a couple years ago I was wandering through an antique store in my husbands home town and spotted one of these ceramic Christmas trees and I never forgot about it. Maybe it was the ambience of the store, it was the week before Christmas and they had old Christmas carols playing, holiday snacks laid out for the shoppers and the tree itself was lit up, it was so sweet and nostalgic it touched me I guess, but, I just smiled and passed it by. Months later, I was chatting with another thrifter buddy about how I had decided I needed one and sure enough, not long after, she ran across one at a garage sale and grabbed it for me for a whopping .75 cents. And that was was all over for me. I am up to 9 trees in less a year. And I make no apologies.

The same sweet friends awesome garage saleing mom found this one for me last week. at a whopping 32" tall it cost me a tad more than the .75 cents I paid for the first one, but like any addict...I say it was worth every dime. Other than a minor chip inside and a few missing bulbs (easily replaced out of my stash) it is in near perfect condition and has me longing to scurry up into the attic and bring out all the others.
Sorry for the crappy pic, as you may guess, I was a tad excited!
In the mean time, my chairs still sit untouched. I swear I will have them done before the end of next week. But today has been the first cool fall day we have seen here in TN and my attention was inside baking bread and cookies, chairs will still be there tomorrow.
Have a great weekend!

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