Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Getting ready for market

Never fails, I always put getting ready for our monthly Farmisan maket off until the last minute. This month is no exception. I am scrambling!
This month I am adding a couple more products to my booth. First is the silverware. This month I decided to use some of the many  knives I have found mixed in with some of the lots I have purchased over the last year and make them cheese knives.
They are so cute, I hope visitors to my booth agree.
UG this picture is hard to see. None of my silverware is new, everything I do is old/vintage so the mix of patterns is pretty random. But I for one, love that.
This past April on a whim I made a last minute swing through the Goodwill here in my little town and had amazing good luck, someones grandama must have been purging her kitchen, the dishware was amazing! I found this adorable cheese plate, I do not recognize the maker, it is a German mark, but I just love this plate, it is very large and the graphics are adorable, but of course the fact that I am both a cheese, and vintage dinnerware freak may make me a bit biased.
a close up of the graphics.
turns out, photographing silverware is a real pain in the rear end. I will have to play around and figure out some tricks to work around that.
I will post some of the other products I sell in my booth this week. For the first time I am actually selling some of my photography, I love flowers and have dozens and dozens of shots. I love them all, now I guess we will see if other people do as well!

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