Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The unexpected best seller

When my son started playing football I wanted to do what I could to help. Aside from dragging him to football practice and making sure he was eating properly, I looked into what I could do for all these new bumps, bruises and aching muscles. Sometimes the answer is so simple, you just have to laugh. Epsom salt, is this not "the" cure for everything lately? It was the "go to" for so many things from body to garden for our grandparents, now it seems it is again getting the respect it deserves.

As for my son, when I suggested he start taking baths with Epsom salts, being a water lover anyway he agreed. And he loved how he felt afterwards. Magnesium is best absorbed through your skin so after a nice long bath not only are your bumps and bruises feeling better, your going to feel relaxed and sleep better. After doing some research I read that about 80% of the US population is deficient in magnesium. And for a kid doing six three and four hour long workouts a day? Its a real life saver.

So, it started out just with Epsom salt in his bath, then reading about detox baths I started mixing in some baking soda...and surprise surprise, his heat rashes and "teenage" pimples disappeared. Come winter time, he is not only hooked on his Epsom salt/Baking Soda baths...he had the start of a cold...well why not mix some essential oils in there as well. A few drops of Lavender, Rosemary and Eucalyptus oil later. The kid is happy and I have a new product on my hands.

For the booth I form the baking soda/Epsom salt/Essential oil mix into "pucks" with the help of some distilled water rose hip oil. I have been selling out of them every market. 

And the smell? Heaven.

I am making twice the number that I made last month for the market on Saturday. Last month they were a sell out, I hope they are this month as well. I laugh, because I had to really be talked into making these for the market, I could not imagine that people would buy them. Well, how wrong I was everyone seems to love them.

I also make some in vintage tart tins, they turn out so beautifully, I will post a picture once I have those ready.

And..I made a quick Goodwill run today and ran across at least half the Federal Glass lunch set I have been wanting for awhile now. I almost squeeled when I saw them...not that that is out of the ordinary for me when I am out treasure hunting. Six plates, five in perfect condition, one has a couple chips but is still useable.

The little matching cups were nowhere to be found, But I have the Nashville Flea market coming up next week, I bet I can find a few there...I love a good treasure hunt!

Happy Wednesday everyone!

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