Sunday, September 21, 2014


I was really hoping for some decent foot traffic and sales for this months Farmisan Market, ouch, slowest market since we opened, I did not even recover my booth fee. All of the fall festivals for the local Churches must have been this weekend. Market was a total bust.
I did not even get any decent shots to post. So, next month I will make sure to get some decent shots, it will be the last one of the season, hopefully, this one will be more successful. So instead of any fun market shots, I will leave you with one of my flower shots I took this morning. I burned probably a good hour outside wandering around the backyard taking shots of my flowers, I know it will not be long before we get a hard frost and they are all gone.
I have grown these heirloom Dahlia's the last couple years, I just love them. Next year I plan to do more flowers, I think I will double my Dahlia order. They are just breathtaking. I thought I loved the yellow best, but this pale pink is so sweet.

These California Giant Zinnias are as always, just stunning.
Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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