Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Hammering it out

My husband has nagged me forever to sell some of my crafts, but honestly I never though anyone would possibly be interested in spending money on one of my little whim hobbies.

When my friends started making our local Farmisan market a reality, they encouraged me to consider becoming a vendor...still I balked, but finally I decided, what the heck just give it a try. And really considering the size of our venue I would consider my little booth a pretty big success, not only have I managed to cover my costs, I have walked away with a decent profit every month except this month. I try to make sure I keep my product price as low as possible so people feel like it is not that much of a splurge, and am always looking for low priced interesting and beautiful vintage flatware to use. Some new spoons to hammer out will be high on my shopping list at the flea market this weekend!

The spoon herb markers are my biggest seller. 

And a lot of people love these sentiment spoons. Needless to say Pinterest is my number one spot for finding inspirational quotes.

October will be our last Farmisan market for the year, but I have already started working on my new stock for the Christmas Craft Market at our local community center this November. And as I look at my stock list I can see that I better get serious about all the hammering,  I have a lot to get done!

With all the hammering I do you can sure bet that I make a fair amount of mistakes. Because of this I have quite a little pile of "oops" spoons. Where would I be without Pinterest? Looking around for ideas to use my "oops" spoons I found adorable key chains made with spoon handles! Next task, learning how to cut the handles off the darn spoons.  I am excited to give it a try and see how they turn out!

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